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The Game Is The Game

This week in the Suite: Your favorite ladies discuss “Ghosting” and much more! Some see it as immature, some see it as ‘disappearing for the greater good’.

Let’s discuss…


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7 thoughts on “

  1. Hello Ladies,

    Just got thru listening to the show. It was great by the way. I have a question to the “If you lady has no girlfriends and/or just male friends” that this should be ?? questioned. What if your partner is damn near your only friend or Best friend? And all my male/female friends are literally family.


    • Thanks for listening Sandra!

      Look, every woman needs female friends. Even if it’s just one. We need time to not be mothers, girlfriends or wives and just be women with fellow women. It’s great that your partner is your best friend, but chile not you ONLY friend! Lol

      – Tonya D.


  2. Hello guys….
    Most definitely it is about social media and always trying to be on the same level as other people around us instead of finding levels that we’re supposed to be on personally I think it’s very hard for people to follow their dreams or do what you want because because they’re always trying to do something better than the next person instead of just even count their dreams and it’s cliche but do everything that you want to do the best of your ability I’m slowly learning that now

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