Korryn Gaines #SayHerName? Nah…

From the moment the story broke about 23 year old Korryn Gaines, I have been absolutely baffled. This wasn’t your typical “Black Lives Matter”, “Say Her Name” rhetoric. Ms. Gaines was fatally shot by Baltimore Police after she let off two rounds at the officers after a long stand-off.




The worst of this is her 5 year old son was also wounded in the crossfire. Listen, the more I read and learn the, the more disgusted I become. My take on this needlessly tragic situation: It is perfectly understandable to be apprehensive as a black person to law enforcement; considering the recent events. However, what we witnessed in the video of Korryn Gaines being unnecessarily confrontational with the a Police officer back in March and Monday 08/01, was TOTALLY avoidable. Ma’am, you were driving with no tag or license. This did not appear to be an unlawful stop, in fact, the Police officer exercised more patience than Jesus himself. It seems she simply did NOT have a license and created some extreme diversion, using the current tension between the black and blue. The most sickening of it all, is to see her 5 year old son on video who has absolutely no clue of the severity of the situation his mother placed him in. The child was brain washed. Which leads me to be inclined to think that there is a such thing as being “TOO Woke”. I am not even sure if her mental stability has even been questioned. We all know that’s a pass we don’t get. Everyone has a breaking point from frustrations, be it personally or socially. I get it. But turning every authoritative figure into an enemy is the first sign of extreme racial paranoia. My personal feelings aside, this is truly saddening to even have to post about and I can only hope we have taken something detrimental away from this.

-Tonya D.

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