Dr. Umar Johnson is Problematic

What is the antidote, cure or remedy for the human ego? What in the hell do we have to do to bring back humility and accountability when it comes to public figures? After watching Dr. Umar Johnson’s rant and an  “apology” video, I almost felt obligated to address it. Now, for those that either do not know or do not care about the infamous rant from Dr. Umar, count your blessings. Because what I saw and heard in the two videos made me hold my face, cringe and Riley Curry death stare at the screen. It wasn’t so much as the content as it was just embarrassing to watch. (Although the content is absolutely nauseating.)

Let me start by saying that being “woke” or conscious in this cyber-millennial time in some ways have become a fad or farce at the very least. In the spirit of honesty, I would consider myself consciously awake, aware of who I am, where I come from and knowledgeable of my culture. In lieu of the murders of unarmed black men, women and children within the past 6-7 years, the black community’s consciousness began to rise. People started to be more mentally and emotionally invested in the treatment or mistreatment of black lives. However, some people of this community can take self/social awareness to unnecessary levels. And by unnecessary,  I mean Hoteply psychotic.

Dr. Umar Johnson or Jermaine Shoemake is a doctor of Clinical Psychology and “Certified School Psychologist”. The quotes were added to infer that his educational background is largely skeptized. I can’t deliberately discredit his degrees or credentials, but my grandma told me, “Where there’s smoke……..” – well, you know the rest. Despite Umar’s “haters” (as he so eloquently put it), he has been an advocate for educating black youth. So much so, he has been soliciting donations to build his own school in Detroit. The likes of which we have yet to see nor have we seen the receipts of donations. Pan-African panhandling?


Here’s a little back story on the alleged issue that compelled this ego-centric hole of an ass to go on said rant. Sara Suten Seti is a straightforward, pro-black historian who is well known in the conscious community as General Seti. Seti streamed a live video aggressively acknowledging Umar’s “disrespect” and fraudulent cadence in an alleged business deal gone wrong. And in response,  Dr. Umar Johnson went live on Facebook in arguably one of the worst, most pathetic and childish cyber retaliatory manners I have ever seen. I can’t even be disappointed because that would insinuate that I had faith in him or his endeavors in the first place. I almost don’t know which was worse, the rant of name calling for 55 minutes or the 47 minutes of underhanded, deflected lack of any personal accountability in the “apology” video.

The Rant:

Umar Johnson Rant: Youtube click here

This self proclaimed “Prince of Pan-africanism” propped up his electronic device, found a 14 year old Caucasian teenager’s skully and a shirt with his own birthday on it. His arms were folded in defensive posture and shoulders high as he embarrassingly began to display his true nature. With colorful quotes like “Ima deal with Poppa Smurf, Ima deal with that lil dirty nigga, I heard you albino! Ima handle yo ass tonight pussy, you shoulda never came for me!”. Bruhhhh. This has turned into the Hotep Social/Civil War that absolutely no one can advocate for. I couldn’t help but notice at 24:20 into this trainwreck, his phone goes off with a ringtone of…wait for it….yes, you guessed it, “These hose ain’t loyal”. A few seconds after, he picks up the phone and legitimately gave an Oscar worthy fake phonecall performance. It would’ve gotten the nomination had his phone not rung whilst pretending he was on it. The jokes right themselves.

The “Apology”:

Umar Johnson “Apology”: Youtube click here

Where the f*&k do I start? Dr. Umar Johnson posted historically the worst apology in the 21st century. An effective apology typically consist of a few things: Remorse, Accountability and to Make Amends. I saw nothing of the sort. Umar did exactly what narcissistic, ego maniac men do, deflect and shame the people for spreading his idiocy and incompetence. A man with an  agenda to better the morale and education of the black youth throwing a tantrum is shameful and unethical. In the midst of kinda-sorta-maybe apologizing, Umar states that he shouldn’t have to respond to “trolls”, we should do it for him. At this point in the video, I pressed exit and had to revisit it once my headache was gone. It was blowing my mind at how astoundingly arrogant and pampas this guy really was.  He went on a finger wagging spree, blaming everyone including http://www.theroot.com for spreading the same negativity he created the content of. It’s like his mouth was falling down stairs, almost fascinating. The entire video was an array of convoluted banter of this ‘woe is me’ rhetoric that shows exactly how removed he is from reality. He chose a life of leadership so pulling the “we all make mistakes”, “Im only human” card is played out. You don’t  get to chastize the black community for falling short of success, beg for their money AND shit on them for acknowledging and sharing your stupidity. Then proceeds to name call as if he was playing the woke version of Dirty Dozens, announced tour dates and still solicited donations. The problem with all of this is, we have been lost as a culture for so long that we latch on to pseudo black leaders who cannot move us forward. Individuals like Umar Johnson are halting the process of black educational evolution by catering more to his ego than serving the people. The back and forth Facebook live spectical was avoidable and immature. He paid for school but couldn’t buy class. And before ending said apology, Umar gives 4 rules of engagement when it comes to sharing this decrepit video on social media. I am unaware of  which drug he may have ingested this past week but that would be the only thing to justify his erratic behavior. Not only are there no rules for the interent, people do not have to submit to barks from a narcissist. Wait, it just came to me, Dr. Umar Johnson is the Ray J of the conscious community. Yep, it all makes sense now.

-Tonya D.

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