There’s A Storm Brewing…

Down here in South Fla we only know 3 seasons: Hot, Rainy and Hurricane. Over the last 24hrs it’s been announced that we’ll be experiencing some type of major storm this coming weekend (And if for what ever reason you didn’t know…you’re welcome).
As of now the storm is still disorganized but there’s an 80% chance it’ll get itself together and become “Hermine” sometime over the next day or two. Now if you’re a native Floridian, chances are you’re probably not taking this storm all too serious (In our defense, we haven’t had a storm hit since 2005) and if you’re not taking the storm or possibility of one serious, chances are you’re not prepared for one either.


So if you’re new to hurricane season or not new but just don’t pay attention to the nice weather people when they speak,  here’s a list of things you’ll need to get you through the storm should we get hit:
1. Food and Water
This really is a no brainer. In addition to the usual snacks, candies (and edibles?) please make sure to have non perishable foods in your home. BK, Wendy’s or Popeyes can’t save you during a storm. Be an adult and take yourself down to Publix. You’ll also need bottled water to drink and gallon water (for bathing) should the water be turned off.
2. Candles, Flashlights, Batteries etc
Again no brainer. Make sure you have a way to see should the power be cut off during the storm. Please take proper precaution with the candles, though, can’t be in a hurricane and a house fire. Each person should have a flashlight as well as batteries to operate them. Also make sure to have a back up battery for your cell phone (Amazon and others are your friends) and be sure keep the main battery charged up before power is taken. Which brings me to my next item…
3. Entertainment
Now typically we only have to reach for our cellphones and tablets in order to entertain ourselves. But in case of no electricity, I doubt you’d want to waste your last 20% watching makeup tutorials on YouTube or that there’d be Pokémon to catch during a storm. Find other ways to entertain yourself. If you’re a reader have a book or two (yes, an actual book, libraries still exist). Bring out some board games if need be. Play some cards or for my Zoes, some dominoes. ($5 a game at my house tho)
4. Gas
You should always have your car at a 1/2 tank or fuller during a storm. So for those of you who live by the quarter tank, you’ll have to splurge a little this weekend. Also if you have a gas grill or a generator now would be the time to make sure they’re good to go should you lose power.
5. Cash
Can’t swipe or use the ATM if there’s no power. Have enough to get you through a couple of days. No duffle bag needed.
6. Safety
Last, but probably the most important. Please make sure you and your family have a safe place to ride out the storm. If you’re going to a shelter, know ahead of time what you’re allowed or not allowed to bring, pets included. Whether you’re  staying home or not, please make sure the proper steps are taken to secure your home during the storm. People DO NOT put tape on your windows, it’ll do nothing for you.
I personally am hoping and praying that all we get this weekend is some wind and rain but it never hurts to be prepared just in case. Storms can and will hit at anytime. If I missed anything or you’d like to add anything to this list, please leave a comment below. Be safe.
-Lady M.